At Queso Kings both our company motto and our battle cry is "MERAKI"; that's a Greek word for doing something with soul, creativity or love. It's all about putting something of yourself into what you are doing. Meraki is what you taste when you bite into our small batch hand made cheeses. Merai is what we sought when looking for the milk producers and cheese makers. Meraki is why our business plan will never include being the biggest but only putting out the best product humanly possible.

We make our cheese close to the dairies from where we get our milk in Humboldt County. Why Humboldt, because it takes the milk from cows chewing on the green grass, with high levels of clover, and sea salt found in Humboldt County to produce our high-quality cheeses. That being said, our goal will never be to produce millions of pounds of cheese or distribute nationwide but rather to put the best tasting, freshest cheese in the hands of the people who appreciate it.

Our cheese is made in small batches using traditional recipes to ensure old-fashioned flavor. The small size of our factory affords the flexibility to work at the pace of the cheese, which is critical in the production of premium cheese. Each vat of cheese is worked by hand and carefully monitored by the cheese-maker to bring out the natural quality found in our Pasture-Based Milk.

Queso Kings has developed a very loyal following because of its varieties of flavored Cheddar and Jack cheeses. Favorites include Jalapeno Cheddar, Garlic Jalapeno Jack, Havarti with herbs and spice, Garden Jack, Hickory Smoked Jack, to name just a few. Shop our store to see for yourself.